With my training as a classical Feng Shui consultant and Four Pillars consultant (graduation Consultant Four Pillars of IATCA®/CFSI® January 2024) and experience since 2009, I offer you the following service within traditional Chinese science (TCS):

Traditional Chinese Sciences TCS

Introduction to the concept of Traditional Chinese Sciences (TCS) for the topics:

  • Qi
  • Taiji (Yin-Yang)
  • the 5 phases of change (5 elements)

for individuals and groups in the form of tutoring, lectures and workshops.

Psychological analysis according to Four Pillars (Chinese chronopsychology)

  • People
  • Partnerships
  • Families
  • Team analyses

The life situations of individuals can be analyzed in terms of character, skills, career, partnership, family, friends, children, housing and health, taking into account the stages of life. Based on this analysis, I can show you an understanding of your personality and possible improvements. This will give you a guide to improve your situation independently.

In a partner analysis, the interaction between two people is analyzed. I.e. their differences, similarities and mutual complementarities. This analysis can be used to identify ways in which the relationship could be harmonized.

When analyzing several groups of people (family, friends, teams), the individual persons and their mutual influence on each other are analyzed. Based on the differences, similarities and mutual complementarities identified, possible improvements for the harmony of these communities can be discussed.

Classic Feng Shui consultation

With an analysis of your living or working environment, I can show you improvements. This is to ensure that you can make better use of the Qi in the corresponding rooms.

I can analyze the following areas for you and point out appropriate improvements:

  • Garden based on the landscape school
  • Living environment based on the landscape school
  • Living and office spaces using the Compass School and its East-West techniques (san he) and the Flying Stars (san yuan).
  • Store premises with the involvement of the Landscape School and the Compass School. The aim here is often to improve customer contacts after the Feng Shui consultation.


Price list as pdf

The cost of a consultation according to Chinese chronopsychology (Four Pillars) and Feng Shui within the traditional Chinese Sciences (TCS) is highly dependent on your needs.
At the Four Pillars, it depends on how many people and on which topics (career, family, partnership, health, etc.) an analysis with subsequent counseling is to be prepared. Of course, the effort required for a written report is greater than for a chart with a simple summary and a verbal consultation.
In the case of Feng Shui analyses with subsequent consultation, the cost depends on the size of the apartment/house or business premises. Because each floor has to be calculated individually, the cost of the service is correspondingly higher for multi-storey properties. The relevant topics also influence the cost of a consultation.
I will answer your questions about a possible consultation in a non-binding discussion.


Please note that the analyses and consultations can only serve as a guide for your implementation. Therefore, there is no guarantee of success, as this depends heavily on your implementation of the advice.

The techniques of Four Pillars and Feng Shui are no substitute for a doctor for health problems. However, they can accompany it.