About me

Monika Ernst, China Garden, Zurich, 2015
Monika Ernst, 2015

My name is Monika Ernst and had a varied life with ups and downs so far. My original profession was in the natural science field. Through the activity in medical & social-rehabilitative research (1996-2020), I was also attracted to computer science thanks to my logical and autodidactic abilities. Today, I am a full-time computer science professional educator.

With my longtime hobby of history and over 20 years as an amateur genealogist, I have been able to indulge my interest in cultures, people and travel.
In 2004 I started to study the ancient Chinese culture. In 2009 I completed my training as a Feng Shui consultant and had my skills in this field confirmed by the Feng Shui master Petra Coll Exposito during a final workshop. My knowledge of Bazi Suanming (Chinese astrology) I acquired autodidactically and with courses with Joey Yap and Dr. Manfred Kubny. In 2010 I attended a Chinese course for half a year to learn the basics of this language and characters.
Since my accident, I have integrated the knowledge of traditional Chinese sciences into my life and also recovered with its help.
I use my existing “green thumb” especially from 2011 onwards, by studying herbalism. So I regularly raise plant offspring and often give them away. I have redesigned my small garden according to Feng Shui and biodiversity rules.

As an auditory dyslexic, I have to put a lot of energy & time into learning a language (not programming languages 😉 ). Nevertheless, I have never lost the joy of foreign languages. Today I speak fluent English, just refreshed my French through a language study trip to the Mediterranean and still know some Spanish through my stay abroad in Spain.

My talents, which run like a thread through my life, are analysis, a willingness to learn and open communication .
In this blog I publish a fund of my numerous interests and professional areas, which I have followed so far.

Who is interested in my knowledge & talents, can reach me via imprint or at Mastodon.